Neurodiversity is for Everyone

Many traits follow a ‘bell curve’ or ‘normal distribution’, with most people clustered around a central point.
Given almost any trait, a minority of the population will diverge strongly from the average. There are many ways to diverge, so most people are atypical in some ways.

Further reading on the meaning of neurodiversity:

  1. What Neurodiversity Isn’t (by me)
  2. Neurodiversity: Some Basic Terms & Definitions (by Nick Walker)
  3. Neurodiversity FAQ (by Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism)
  4. What the Neurodiversity Movement Does — And Doesn’t — Offer (by Emily Paige Ballou)
  5. Disagreeing over Neurodiversity (by Damian Milton)
  6. Here’s What Neurodiversity Is — And What It Means For Feminism
    (by Cara Liebowitz)
  7. The Neurodiversity Reader (edited by Damian Milton et al) includes a version of this piece along with writings by many others in the neurodiversity movement.



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